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Managing Director

Uditha Wanigasinghe

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Director - Marketing

Mr.Ajith Welianga

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General Manager – Finance

Ms.Ridma Herath

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General Manager – Marketing

Mr.Sampath Gunathailake

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General Manager – Production

Mr.Chanaka Indrajith

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Assistant General Manager- Veterinary Services

Dr.Nalin de Silva

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Sen. Manager - Accounts

Mr. W. A. D. Tharanga Chathurakshana

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Manager – Operations & Supply Chain

Ms. Disna Upendra de Costa

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Our Services

Well trained and dedicated team

Farmer Training

Farmchemie service to Sri Lankan farmer community is not limited to providing good quality animal health inputs from world giants in animal health business. It’s after selling service is highly demanded. Service is to keep up friendly relationship with customers is the key point of FAMRCHEMIE success.

Furthermore Farmchemie has been organizing Farmer meetings and technical seminars collaboration with technical expertise to educate the clientele. Expertises in the field are outsourced to conduct such programmers.

Technical Service

Whenever the farmers need technical assistance, veterinary surgeons at Farmchemie will be there to help them. Providing disease diagnosis facility by clinical examinations or conducting postmortems and recommending required treatments are facilitated by free of charge.


Foreign Training for Customers and Staff 

Further with the collaboration of foreign suppliers, technical people working at customer s’ farms are sent to overseas trainings and this is a big opportunity for them to improve their knowledge on advanced technologies used in developed countries and share their expertise. As well as Foreign tours are offered to customers who perform well in each year. These visits are organized in comprehensive way not only targeting the amusements but also focusing on international exhibitions, conferences and etc. applicable to the customers’ occupancy.


Vaccination service

Becoming a one and only animal health inputs supplier who provides vaccination service to their customers, Farmchemie started this amenity in 2014. Being a solution to having burden of vaccination of each and every animals on farms, administration of vaccines using advance equipment was introduced. Overcoming vaccination failures linked with conventional vaccination procedures, this service has been attracted customers within short period of life span. Accuracy of vaccine delivery and cold chain management are frequently audited and vaccination is done by well qualified staff who received their trainings in overseas.


"Our integrity and adherence to this philosophy allows us to accomplish our aim. "
-Uditha Wanigasinghe